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Exciting Events coming up, which can be purchased and zero purchase where appropriate  are:
11/11@11     2021

Cost £10 GBP  or both for £15 GBP    

Hello, thank you for your interest. You can choice to come to the 11 am @£10 or the 11pm @£10 a gathering or come to both for £15, as both will be very different, go to www.joanfrances.com/shop to make your selection. Your zoom link is sent to your email you registered.

 Time to TRUST … Time to EMBRACE … Time to ACCEPT … it’s TIME! (TEA Time)

It’s time to TRUST the Spiritual Journey connecting your consciousness to the Divine essence …. Your CORE! It’s time to EMBRACE the power of this essence, which often goes undetected by the recipients due to the many distractions in our lives…fear, boredom, manipulation, disbelief and greed, are just a few. Also, too much of the self-gratification!   

The trap of an out of control EGO. These facts can be made by self or inflicted by another. Nevertheless, they are infecting your growth as a living Human Being as a Spiritual Soul living this Human Experiences!  

Now, the opportunity is here! It is time to ACCEPT you are the essences of the Divine but the question is … If you were given the choice today to experience the essence of the pure love of your Divine Soul Signature  would you take up the challenge? Why challenge, I hear you say! Most of us are scared of change. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know, comes to mind! Therefore, change requires TRUST and TRUST requires FAITH and FAITH is LOVE .  So, the question I have for you is this… Do you TRUST yourself enough to give yourself the TIME to hold space for yourself, as you EMBRACE the LOVE of your Divine Soul? or would you like to be with likeminded People?

I, Joanfrances have been given the gift of channelling containing the most beautiful inner Spiritual Guided Meditation Journey! A Manifestation of Spiritual Awakening activations connecting you to your Divine core of love, which leads you to blissful enlightenment! A blissful gift of love .

A blissful gift of love from your own Divineness! To aid in opening the door t your Ascended Masters, Angels, Star Beings and more!

In the past we were told 2021 was the year of transformation, transmutation, and completion… well that was just the beginning … now we are ready for INTEGRATION!

Have your eyes been opened? The signs are everywhere! Have you seen the signs? Or are your eyes still closed?

We say here in the UK a cup of TEA will cure anything! Well it is TIME to join me for a cup of TRUST, to EMBRACE and ACCEPT, who you are and what you stand for! The LIVING ESSENCE of YOUR DIVINE LOVE!  

click link for more info  https://joanfrances.com/shop


Please download zoom for free here before the Events start time as it take you about 5 mins to complete https://zoom.us/  on booking you will receive the id and password to enter the event or appointment with confirmation email. 
Due to Covid -19 restrictions there are no in-person live events at this time 
I will be conducting 1 to 1 consultations + Group sessions +  classes and courses all online by Pro Zoom + some live free online events, which you will be able to attend by Facebook, Zoom or catch up with repay in my Video tab on this website. 
Keep safe, keep smiling, be well
love Joanfrances