Dimensional Living Reiki Healing Course 15th and 16th Jan 2022


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2-day online course low cost only £155 GBP, 11am to 5pm both days with a 30 min refreshment break. Any qualifying student wishing to join again for updates can do so at £55
Dimensional Living Reiki Healing System, teachers us the complex journey between our Soul and the birth of man. Through the dimensional existence of time our Soul was born from the collective energy of the Oneness (your God). This information was channelled to Joanfrances in the mid-1990s, and some of this early information, give way to an activation system called Dimensional Nucleus Activation, which was developed into a teaching system and still plays a vital role in our energetic development today.
Joanfrances continued to receive channelled teaching over the next few years. Amazingly, this gave way to further insights and understanding of the complex interaction our Soul has within each Dimension of existence, and how all levels of Dimension in turn have entanglements right back to our ego of this 3rd Dimension of experience.
Ishka, Joanfrances spiritual guide described this system as: “higher dimensional clarity within physical realm existence.”
In the year 2003 a group of her students asked Joanfrances to teach them her knowledge of this channelled Dimensional information. After writing up the Treatment and receiving endorsement from the Insurance company, the first course was underway in early 2003. The Channelled system was called Dimensional Living Reiki Healing System has been taught ever since.
This knowledge also contained to flow on how we could use this for to bring about healing to mankind. In particular, the 10th Dimension, which in 2005 (2 years after our first course was taught) science professor Brien Greene revealed in a TEDTALK to the world he believes 10 dimensions of existence exists in our Multiverse.
Once you have booked your will receive an email with your registration.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Please Note: Once you have registered your place. You will receive your link for your zoom online course.
6 Important Notice. please read before registering.
1) You will need a working internet connection and a working device at your own cost, to download the FREE ZOOM APP. You are advised to download the Zoom app first and set up only takes 5 mins, but worth doing in advance.
2) Only the person named and email registered on the booking form will be allowed access to the zoom class.
3) Persons showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol or other substance, or being aggressive to any member or Joanfrances, will NOT BE ALLOWED TO continue in this course and No refund will be offered or given.
4) It is up to you to test your own equipment.
5) It is your responsibility to log into the waiting room 5 mins before the start of class. This is a Spiritual energetic experience. Respect!
6) By clicking and registering you are fully committing to this course and all rules of the course and these rules of booking. T &C Apply see www.joanfrances.com
Love and blessings Joanfrances Boyle


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