10 Classes - Target Remote Viewing Course Starting 16th February 2022


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Start date  16th February 2022  Time 7pm- 9pm GMT                                      Every 2nd Wednesday (10 Classes) .

10 Classes – Target Remote Viewing Course

Early Bird Special £260, If booked 31st January 2021  thereafter, normal cost £360 shop will automatically change over at midnight.

Ready To Travel with YOUR MIND?                                                                     Are you ready to take your Psychic talent to the next level? Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer, has dazzled people with her talent as Remote Viewer for many years. From finding lost jewellery to business documents – Psychic Property Surveying to Energetic Land Surveying – from lost pet’s to aiding the police to recover missing people. Joanfrances, believes there are many ways to utilises this amazing gift of Remote Viewing! Including increasing your psychic abilities in many different ways!

Of course, the question is…. Are you ready to go to the next level?

Remote Viewing History                                                                                  What is remote viewing and how do other people define it? The definition [Joanfrances] always gives is this:  remote viewing ability is when you can practise or seek impressions of a place or object target without ever having prior knowledge of the said target place or object. It is fascinating and intriguing all at the same time!

The power of the Remote viewing has a historical past. It has been criticised as well as being hailed as an incredible gift for those who can demonstrate this craft. It has been said it was used in the government defence, within and after wartimes. As well as being used for prevention of war.

We have a normal five senses, to see, to hear, to smell, to touch, to taste, but what about the sense of our mind! The question is, is it possible to perceive using the power of your mind without utilising these  senses of the body?

Joanfrances believes you can! She also believes it is the steppingstone to a far greater gift – projective teleportation and physical teleportation. The ability to shift your mind to another location and be able to identify clearly, your location with detailed information and I mean detailed information without having prior knowledge to that destination. Is a clear indication that the gift of remote viewing is present. It is how you develop it will determine what level of ability you will be able to demonstrate. This course will give you the means to develop and test your skills as a Target Remote Viewer.

Would you think that certain establishments would spend more than over $20 million on a project that was specifically focused on the development of remote viewing.  I think not!  Therefore, I believe they must have had some strong evidence that remote viewing was far more than a fantasy or a myth.

There have been many names for this gift of Remote Viewing. Telesthesia, is one of those names, which has a medical meaning of: the perception of distance occurrences or objects by means other than the normal senses. In other words, to receive impressions at a distance without the normal operation of the organs or senses.

So here is another question, are you ready to take your psychic abilities to a far greater level than you could ever imagine as the traning will do exactly that or are you just curious to see how far you can stretch your intuition beyond your normal five senses! Whichever one,  this course is the one for you!

I look forward to meeting you!


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing your link for your zoom online course .

6 Important Notice. please read before registering.

1)      You will need a working internet connection and a working device at your own cost, to download the FREE ZOOM APP . You are advised to download the Zoom app first and set up only takes 5 mins, but worth doing in advance.

2)      Only the person named and email registered on the booking form will be allowed access to the zoom class. or if this is a gift please name the person the gift is intended for.

3)      Persons showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol or other substance, or being aggressive to any member or Joanfrances, will NOT BE ALLOWED TO continue in this course and No refund will be offered or given.

4) It is up to you to test your own equipment.

5) it is your responsibility to log into the waiting room 5 mins before the start of class. After class starts at 7pm GMT entry into class will cease after 7.30pm GMT.  This is due to the disruption it would cause the rest of the class and lessons. Joanfrances sees this as a Spiritual energetic experience.  Respect!

6) By clicking and registering you are fully committing to this course and all rules of the course and these rules of booking.  T & C Apply see

Love and blessings Joanfrances Boyle



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