Spirit Communication Interactive 10 Week Course


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Spirit Communication 10 Week Interactive Course

7pm GMT class is 2hrs every Thursday for 10 weeks.

Cost £120 GBP

Is open to anyone that holds the basic or advance understanding of spirit communication, wishing to advance their craft to the next level. Or anyone that has an interest in Psychic Phenomena.

Are you ready to take your spirit communication to the next level?

No matter what level of understanding you are at, this course offers each attendee something to tickle their psychic juices!

What is on offer with this 10-week Course:  advance your level of psychic potential, firstly, by increase your knowledge with some paranormal discussions and investigation into some of the psychic and spiritual practices, a must for any developing medium. Then experience live séance circles, in class practice and with live models, that is always fun and very helpful to hone your psychic and mediumistic skills. Experience many practical techniques you can apply instantly. In class practical lessons such as “Merging”, and “Empathic” control, which is a mediums dream skill. Plus a full on REAL virtual ghost hunt investigations. Come and experience for yourself.  I am quite sure there will be lots more.

Your Registration link will be emailed to you on purchase with instructions.

6 Important Notice. please read before registering.

1)      You will need a working internet connection and a working device at your own cost, to download the FREE ZOOM APP . You are advised to download the Zoom app first and set up only takes 5 mins, but worth doing in advance.

2)      Only the person named and email registered on the booking form will be allowed access to the zoom class.

3)      Persons showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol or other substance, or being aggressive to any member or Joanfrances, will NOT BE ALLOWED TO continue in this course and No refund will be offered or given.

4) It is up to you to test your own equipment.

5) it is your responsibility to log into the waiting room 5 mins before the start of class. After class starts at 7pm GMT entry into class will cease after 7.30pm GMT.  This is a Spiritual energetic experience.  Respect!

6) By clicking and registering you are fully committing to this course and all rules of the course and these rules of booking.  T &C Apply see www.joanfrances.com

Course Tutor                                                                                                                 You will be guided under the watchful eye of Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer with over 33 years of public experience. She has been mediumistic since childhood and has continuously demonstrated her Psychic, Mediumistic, Channeling, Master Intuitive Life Coaching, Target Remote Viewing, Past life Surrogacy Reveals, Psychic Property Surveying, Master Teacher in 4 Reiki modalities, Healing Intuitively, Colour Life Palette Consultation and Healing capabilities to professional standards. She has facilitated her numerous  gifts and skills in some of the most renowned Spiritual Camps in the USA. Joanfrances has featured in many mainstream Newspapers and Magazines. Joanfrances has also been featured on TV shows and interviewed live on various Radio Stations. Plus she has been a guest on many live stream internet Psychic Shows.

Mediumistic Abilities

Joanfrances has demonstrated in the UK, and in many other Countries, her Spirit Communication on Professional Platforms, within Spiritualists Church Services, conducted Private and Group Consultations and Furnished Facebook Live’s. Joanfrances says,” There is great comfort in being the conduit chosen to reunite Spirit with their Earthly Loved One’s. There is just something special and satisfying about it!  Often we get to witness closure, especially when death happened suddenly, and where goodbye’s where never said. So very comforting”

Psychic Abilities

Her extensive Psychic abilities have been demonstrated again publicly and privately, home and abroad. From Seeing Auras and Chakras with detailed Analysis to Past, Present and Futuristic Predictions.


Joanfrances has had the pleasure of being a Spiritual Channel for Spirit for many years, which has led to many teachings being shared from Spiritual Beings, Higher Sentient Beings and her own Super consciousness. Some of these are Reading Auras Intuitively, 14 Chakra Discovery, Healing Intuitively, Dimensional Reiki Living, Amaran Reiki, and Self Discovery.. The part and full content for many Psychic and Mind Navigation teaching courses. Also, the download of automatic writing of over 100 poems were also channeled, which Joanfrances calls Inspirational Writing.

Past Life Surrogacy Reveals

Past Life Surrogacy Reveals, is a very unique gift, which Joanfrances literally becomes the persons Surrogate and she becomes the person in their Past Life state and she relives with profound accuracy the persons past Life i.e. she sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes, the specific Karmic moments that are holding the person back in this life.

Target Remote Viewing

Joanfrances utilised her Target Remote Viewing skills to help the police find missing persons, pets, and lost diamond jewellery. Joanfrances has also coupled this talent with her psychic talent and created a professional service called Psychic Property Surveying. Her work within this field of Psychic Property Surveying, has been endorsed by owners of, Castles, large Estates, Offices, Shops, to Building Contractors and Private Dwellings (Your Home), for over 25 years.


*Joanfrances Boyle has many other gifts, skills and qualifications not listed here. Please see her webpage: www.joanfrances.com or email: info@joanfrances.com or www.facebook.com/thescottishseer/

or   contact by Messenger: joanfrancesboyle

International Calls on WhatsApp are free 044 7832251798

UK Calls on 07832251798


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