Your Gateway To Everything Spiritual Presents Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer and Annspiritual Young


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EVENT DATE 3rd August at 7pm to 9pm online on Zoom… Cost £6. GBP  

Wow, wow, wow, have we an Special Event for you! An Evening of Clairvoyance and Mediumship with two amazing fun Mediums! They will share the platform bring you heart felt messages from your Spirit family, freinds, pets and also, from your Guides and Multi Dimensional Beings! These two professionals have served the public for over 60 years between them. you will not be disappointed. There will be fun, joy and i am sure a few heart felt tears! They are also noted for their skill in future predictions, so get ready to know your future! 

My Guest on this Special Event is Ann A. Young, she is known by the name Annspiritual Young, she is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual healer, and a Usui Reiki Master. Annspiritual, has been conducting Tarot readings and Mediumistic consultations for over 30 years, both in private and group sessions. She has been published in Magazines with her spiritual stories and conducts Facebook Live’s, sharing her gifts with her followers.

Annspiritual, teaches, both mediumship and tarot to small groups of people. One of Annspiritual’s passions is she enjoys helping others. As she says, “I learn as I teach, as we are all part of the Universe and I work in love and light.”                      Contact Annspiritual: Call 044 ())7881637823                                                          Email:                                                          Facebook: (20+) Ann A Young | Facebook

Your Hostess and owner, Joanfrances Boyle, – Psychic Medium, Past life Surrogacy Expert, Healer, Speaker & Writer is also known as The Scottish Seer. She has been a psychic medium and has been empathic aware since a very young age. Her world is a colorful one, as she has been blessed with the gift of seeing the energetic systems (Aura & Chakras). As a gifted healer she has channeled 4 different healing systems, which has helped many to regain their health and wellbeing. Her business instincts inspired her to utilize her talent as a Target Remote Viewer, into a service as The Psychic Property Surveyor.
Joanfrances has spent most of her adult life pursuing the truth about life after death and paranormal activity. Along the way she was channeled the gift of past life surrogacy and the knowledge of the 14 Dimensions of Living. She has delighted her clients at home and abroad with her clear and accurate Psychic and Mediumistic Readings, and all her other services. Joanfrances lives and breathes the Psychic World but her multi-sensory unique gift of Past Life Surrogacy© Reveals the truth of the clients incarnation, which blows peoples minds! Worth checking the Video section of her website out!
Joanfrances has appeared many times on live TV: on a weekly basis, on the “Live at Six” TV Show. She has also been a guest on various talk shows, called Right to Differ, Scottish Women and Kilroy. She has been interviewed on live radio at North Sound Radio, Radio Clyde, 3T FM Radio and a number of internet Radio shows. She has also appeared on Fox News, Dallas Texas with the F.I.R.E. team. Joanfrances has been featured in various national and local newspapers, Daily Record, Herald, The Evening Times, Hamilton Advertiser, Ayrshire News and The Psychic News, and Magazines, The Connections Magazine, The Bridal Magazine and The Green Health Magazine.
Joanfrances feels so humble as through her exciting and adventurous career, she has had the privilege of sharing a platform with her idol, Gordon Higginson. Treating The Queen of Kerela, and a few other top entertainers, and affluent clients, which cannot be named due to signing NDA. One of the many highlights of Joanfrances’s Spiritual Journey was getting the opportunity to meet, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at his residence in Dharamsala, in the year 2000, where we celebrated his 60 years of his escape from Tibet, which was definitely orchestrated by the Universal Oneness.

Joanfrances is also known for her Spiritual Teachings and Channeled Meditations and her Online Live Shows. In fact, she has many strings to her bow, so to speak, if she were a musical instrument, she would be a harp!
Call 044 (0)7832251798
Email:                                                                                                       (@thescottishseer)                        Facebook Link: (20+) Joanfrances Boyle | Facebook

How to book your place!
Click the link and purchase your ticket know that your place is sucure, you will receive an email with your Zoom Link for the event Keep it safe as it has the password to enter. There will be a waiting room where you can await the start of the event. Please note ** Entry to the event is permitted up to 45 mins after start time even if you have purchased a ticket.
*** Notice to attendees: the event will be Recorded LIVE and then posted to YouTube, Facebook and a few other Media Groups. By Purchasing and registering for a ticket you are consenting to these terms and conditions including digital recording of your participation.

How exciting! ……. Zoom attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and have up close interaction with our Spiritual Celebrities. You will be able to experience their amazing abilities and gifts as you can volunteer to have an intuitive reading with our guests, and Joanfrances.

Please note. Here we are creating an up close and personal event. So, with respect to our guest, your video (camera) will be required to be on at all times. This is the new norm and Zoom video is part of the experience. If we were in person at an event, you would not sit with a paper bag over your head! I believe not!

1) After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase. a few days before the event you will receive another email with your zoom link which will contain information to enter the Event.

2) You will need a working internet connection and a working device at your own cost, to download the FREE ZOOM APP. You are advised to download the Zoom app first and set up at least an hour before the event to test it, only takes 5 mins.
3) Please do not share your link as each person must pruchase their ticket. Only the person named on the booking will be allowed entry and only the email registered, will be allowed to access the ZOOM link.
Persons showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol or other substances, will NOT BE ALLOWED TO continue in this particular event.
This is a Spiritual energetic experience. Please Respect!
T & C Apply
Love and blessings Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer


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