Chakra Balancing

~ is an energy system that works directly into the Chakra Life Support Bio-Energy System. The Chakras are the energy regulators of the entire bio energy system called the ‘Etheric Energy Body’ and sessions can be done in person or over zoom by energetic transmission.

The Chakras are what draws in energy and discharges the energy into the meridians for distribution into the cells and organs of the body. When the chakras become blocked the energy does not distribute the energy properly or efficiently enough for your physical body never mind your mental, emotional and sensual bodies to remain at their best. When this disruption takes place dis-ease starts to take hold and can affect one or all of the body systems. Plus, it disrupts the flow of spiritual connection to our godly energy.

Therefore, Chakra Balancing is a fast and safe way to increase and rebalance your Bio-energy system and kick start your Chakras into full function again. Restoring harmony, good health and spiritual connections. 

Joanfrances has been able to intuitively see and energetically interact with Aura and Chakras since she was a child. She has now over 35 years of professional experience of chakra healing and manipulation.

An in-person session or online by Zoom – Joanfrances a Master Practitioner will gently place her hands within the 14 Chakra system and will focus directly with your Life Support Chakra System. The client may experience lots of different feelings and a deep sense of relaxation has been reported along with many other intuitive experiences. Dependent on the person’s in the moment response.

In Person Treatments: You will lay down fully clothed to receive a Chakra Balancing Treatment, although the treatment can also be given to someone sitting.

It is recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing and do not eat a large meal beforehand.

How Long Does a Treatment Last? The treatment time consists of up to 1 hr.

*If you think you would like or require extra counselling time you can pre-book half hour sessions to be added to your treatment time at time of booking. 

Online by Zoom Treatments: highly recommended for international and those who cannot travel to be with Joanfrances in person.

You will also lay down fully clothed to receive your chakra balancing energetic transmission. Your camera will be angled so Joanfrances will be able to see you at all times. Your microphone will also remain on so that you will be able to communicate with Joanfrances at any given moment you choose. 

Again, it is recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing and do not eat a large meal beforehand. have a glass of water next to you for your own consumption.

 ******If you would like to go for a deeper, more detailed session connecting to the chakra system, I recommend you look at my Colour Life Palette Transmission Offering.