The Scottish Seer - Psychic Readings

Joanfrances Boyle known as The Scottish Seer, has been an International Psychic, Medium
for over 30 years. She has Demonstrated Publicly her phenomenal abilities in Spirit Communication, her amazing accuracy of Past, Present and Future Predictions, Aura & Chakra Reading and her phenomenal Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Services.  Joanfrances works with all 14 intuitive Clair’s and conducts Private 1 to 1  Consultations and group sessions, House and Office Psychic Party Bookings, and conducts  Public and Private Floorshows and Demonstrations. All of which can be in-person or by remote or by Zoom or Video call systems. 

All readings above can be conducted in person, by Telephone, By Zoom Conferencing, by Messenger or Skype.

Joanfrances utilises her natural intuitive skills with the following divination tools where applicable:

Psychic Readings ~ Past, Present, and Future ~ incorporating: Tarot Cards, Rune Stones, Chakra Stones, Crystal Ball and Angel cards.
Life Path Reading ~ Insight to your Birth Vision Quest ~ incorporating: Tarot Cards, Rune Stones, Chakra Stones, Crystal Ball and Angel cards.
Aura or Chakra Reading ~ Personalised Aura and Chakra creative colour Graphs using Acrylic Paint or chalk or water/ oil paints with verbal analysis / interpretation.
Mediumistic Readings ~ connection to the Spirit Realm ~ Loved Ones, Family, Friends, Pets, Guides, Angels, and Spiritual Teachers.
Past Life Readings (see also Past Life Surrogacy tab) ~ look at where you have come from and unlock the reasons behind your personality and life events.
Dream Analysis ~ what do your dreams mean to you? Are they unfolding the future or are they recalling you to the past? They may be tangled up in the present, where ever they are Joanfrances will be able to help you unravel the mystery of your dreams. Joanfrances regularly appeared on “Live At Six” TV Show demonstrating Dream Analysis live for the general public.

Aura Video Station

The AURA VIDEO STATION has the fantastic AURA IN MOTION programme, which uses biofeedback sensors to measure and pickup psycho-psychological data from a client. This information is processed, analysed and displayed as a colourful 2 dimensional representation of their AURA. The graphs display the measured Bio data in graphical form for easy analysis and interpretation. 

The AURA IN MOTION’S Multimedia Biofeedback tools, allow us to deeply look into the client’s inner self and to view in real time their emotional reactions and mind body connection. See how day-to-day life can affect the working of these energy systems. Live Aura Scan can also be used to test a products suitability for the client for instance how crystals react good or bad and also food sensitivity. Even people can cause us disturbance within our thoughts and those thoughts then change how we react therefore the cause and effect will undoubtedly have an impact on the clients Auric and Chakra system. Whether you are just wanting to see your Aura out of curiosity or wanting to understand your strengths and address your weaknesses, having an Aura report can awaken you to your true potential and a whole new way of thinking. Come learn what is best for you and put your life back on track. 

You can even have your session Recorded on DVD, so you can watch your session all over again in your own living room, or have a photo taken, maybe both. Various Aura reports are available, call to arrange what is best for your needs. 

Aura Photography with Analysis 1 to 1
Aura Photography with Printed Analysis

Aura Camera Party Day/Night (Group 10 + 1 Free)
Have fun in your own home or office having an Aura party with a difference. 

Let Aura, Chakra Expert Joanfrances entertain and educate your group whilst inspiring you with knowledge and ability. You will be amazed.   
Some Aura Photography consultations can be digitally recorded at an additional cost but not guaranteed.

Promotional Support Aura Photography with the Aura Video Station (AVS): Joanfrances has organised and facilitated public demonstrations with the AVS to provide the public with an opportunity to come along and view for themselves the most up to date information and therapists in action. This allows me to give support and help other complementary teachers and therapists prove their field of work with the Aura Video Station. The AVS provides fantastic Promotional Support with live insight into the changes that are made in all levels of our energy systems by Complementary Therapy, immediately.