I had a Past Life Regression party with Joanfrances an amazing night had by all . We all saw some amazing things all thanks to Joanfrances and her amazing talent

x Kim Brown

Absolutely wonderful reading. 2nd time with you Joanfrances and your delivery of my messages were beautiful and bang on point. never feel any clock watching just your full attention. your fantastic. thank you

x Brbernie Brown

Hi Joanfrances, just want to thank u for my reading Susan Mcgroarty sis. You hit it spot on with my health I need to change my full life style in my eating. Had the camera down I have a hiatus hernia acid reflux inflammation and polyps b9 but did a biopsy thanks for the guidance I’ve changed a lot praying the rest falls into place. I am certainly detoxing my body it’s not as bad as I thought thanks your a Angel god bless

x Linda Hayes

I’ve known Joanfrances for a few years now. 2012 was the first time. There have been so many amazing things JF told me, and she was spot on with everything. JF also gives great advice. Recently I’ve had a pivotal in my life, my career and I looked to to her for advice and assurance. It helped so much and the timing was perfect. Many thanks Joanfrances. I appreciate all the love & support. See you soon!

Sean Kennedy

I have had the pleasure of knowing Joanfrances for many years . I have watched and listened to so much of her work . I was lucky to have received a reading from her on a live show . She was spot on with every little thing she said . She was exact with physical knowledge as well as emotional !! She is an absolute joy to know and have been blessed to have found her ❤️❤️❤️

Linda Nichols

Working with Joanfrances
Is mind opening. I got so much clarity and a pathway forward. Finally the brakes that used to confuse me, hold me back, all make sense. Working with Joanfrances has giving me a road map to understand how I function and why I react in certain ways. Now, I can take a step to regain my power and from there take action.
I can’t recommend Joanfrances enough and her amazing gifts

Yael Hofer

Joanfrances – what can I say? She’s always spot on with what’s going on on my life, heart and mind. She’s brought me from a place of despair, indifference and confusion and lead me to enlightenment, knowledge and most of all self belief. I follow JF regularly and she never fails to disappoint. I’m a different person these days as she has taught me to dig deeper within myself to uncover what I already have and to believe in myself and my abilities.

x Kate Bryan

Both of my readings were dead on! Awesome person!

Pat Moreau

I was very moved by her reading. She was amazing

Sandra Moffett

i saw Joanfrances for the first time tonight and she was absolutely spot on i enjoyed her live feed i will be watching from now on great lady

x Christina Gillies

Amazing medium! one of the best people i know! theres nothing she cant do! love her to bits!

x Annamarie Hough

Once I understood how my past was being reflected in this lifetime, I became empowered through the power of my a Past Life Surrogacy Session. Joanfrances helped me release deep seated fears that I never understood until she exposed the situations that I had endured.

This was the best investment I have ever made to enhance my life. Joanfraces is kind, compassionate and made me feel incredibly safe to discuss issues in my life that I would not have shared with other people. I highly recommend a Past Life Surrogacy Session.


Morning Joanfrances. You did a reading for me at Temple Heights. I like to give feedback when aha moments come. You told me about a piano, and I couldn’t really place it in the reading. When I thought about it in relationship to my father, I remembered when he was in the army, his best buddy was a concert pianist and wanted to teach my father to play, but he never learned and he always regretted it. The second thing I couldn’t place is you said he had something wrong with his face, like he might have gotten poked with a hook. Well, when he was a young boy, he got poked in the eye with an umbrella skeleton, and lost sight in his eye. Thank you for bringing me messages from dad, he was the best.


Just on for the first time and she’s really good

Charlene Law

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