Psychic Property Surveyor

The Psychic Property Surveyor – Joanfrances Boyle
Are you aware that you could be soaking up old negative energy on a daily basis, which can be inhibiting your health wealth and happiness? 
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Check out below how one Buyers Psychic Survey Report saved not only time and thousands of pounds, but also massive stress.
Psychic Property Survey Reports Joanfrances has amazed many homeowners, buyers, sellers and builders with her extensive accurate information about their respective properties and investments. 
Have you ever wondered if your property is healthy or sick? Have you considered how the energy in your home, or place of business is affecting how you experience, let alone perform, on a daily basis? Are you aware that you could be soaking up old negative energy on a daily basis, which can be inhibiting your health, wealth and happiness? Having your house energy-cleansed can increase the positive flow of energy, thus creating a more positive environment for your love ones. 

Selling: The selling of a home is one of the most stressful events in our lives, yet thousands of people everyday undertake this enormous task. Some take action and get a property company to do all the marketing of the property for them, a smart move in my book. Just think for a moment of all the work you have to do to make your property look attractive for the thousands of prospective buyers out there looking for their new home. The endless tidying up, de-cluttering and de-personalisation you do to make your home look and feel good, exhausting isn’t it? 
Then you invite potential buyers to come and view your home and get a feel for it, hoping, they will want to make your home their home. After all your hard work, what do you tell yourself, when prospective buyers come and go without giving you a reason why they are not interested? Soul destroying isn’t it, never mind baffling or is it?

“The Psychic Property Surveyor” Joanfrances Boyle would say it’s time we took a closer look at the negative energy your home is exhibiting, as it might be sick! If you were sick you wouldn’t call in a vet you would call a doctor, as he or she was trained to know what to look for? It’s just the same with your property, if your drains were blocked you would call a plumber, so when your property’s energy is blocked call Joanfrances “The Psychic Property Surveyor” and her Property Energy-Cleansing Service will soon have your property feeling good. 
If prospective buyers feel comfortable in your home they are more likely to overlook the decor because they are in harmony with their potential new home. How many times have you said, or heard another say those vital phrases? “I love the feeling of this house.” or “It’s got a good feel to it.” or “It feels nice.” The feeling of a home is just as important as the number of bedrooms it has. 

Buying: Yes, you read correctly house energy can be sick! When we get bad feelings connecting to a home business or land for that matter, it’s a sure symptom that the energy is being affected by some internal or external influence. We, as sentient beings react to this negative energy just in the same way we would react to the sound of a piece of music, or a colour of paint on the walls of a room we did not like. This is why home selling experts tell us to de-clutter and keep everything neutral when selling a property. This is to reduce putting off the poetical buyer when going to view a property. Get it right the first time, a Buyers Psychic Survey Report from Joan Frances will put you right on the strengths and pit fall of the property. 
Homeowners, buyers, sellers and builders: The energy of your property can get clogged up and become sluggish creating a heavy, unwelcome feel to the property. “What”? I hear you say. Yes, just like people the vibrational energy of your home, business or land for that matter can become blocked by the residual energy of previous tenants, spirit entities or Ley Lines and geographical imbalances. Even the attitude of current residents or workers can create unwanted negative Ki, which can make your property or land sick. Irrespective of how these energy blockages began they can quickly become problematic. Thus creating disturbances, which can affect not just the feeling of your home, business or land but people (family, friends, co-workers), animals and plants too. Remember a sick home or business can have a negative effect on your financial stability as well as personal and business relationships.

Do you feel it’s time to purge the old energy from your home, business or land and create harmony for all? 

Moving in or Moving out the Psychic Survey Report or Property Energy-Cleansing Service can put you on the right path.

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Or you can arrange to send in a selection of Photographs of your property. Joanfrances will carry out a Psychic Property Survey and Energy Cleanse with a combination of her amazing Psychic and Remote Viewing talents. Plus, she will send you a written report. While you benefit from the immediate effects of the new and refreshed energy with in your home, work or business.