Dimensional Reiki

Dimensional Reiki

Ishka described: “Higher Dimensional clarity within Physical realm existence”

Dimensional Reiki teaches us the complex journey of the birth of man. Through the dimensional existence of time our Soul was born from the collective energy of the oneness (Your God). The information was channelled to Joanfrances in the mid 1990’s, and some early information, gave way to the system Dimensional Nucleus Activation, which was written into an unpublished book and developed into the course it is today.

Joanfrances continued to receive more channelled teachings form the Oneness on a regular basis, which she continued to use with some willing individuals and groups until early 2003. Then she was continually asked by students to teach them this advanced Dimensional knowledge as a healing system. At first Joanfrances said, “No”. Being the professional she is, because she had no written manuals and felt this was not the right thing to do. Thankfully, the experienced students would not take no for an answer. They said they would take down their own notes as she delivered the pre channelled wisdom and system structure. Hence, this wonderful system was to be named and as Joanfrances had always received the information as dimensional healing she named it “Dimensional Reiki”.

This fantastic system re-connects us with all levels of pre physical existence, Light Being Energy, Purpose, Soul Personality, Timeline, Parallel Existence, Karmic Influences, Soul Family, Soul Blueprint, Physical Interaction and Lower Vibrational Connections allowing us in a sense to rewire energetically the finest frame work of our very existence. Looking for radical change, then you have found it with Dimensional Reiki.

The first treatment time consists of:
Up to 25 minutes Case History being taken.
Followed by up to 25 minutes hands- on energy treatment.
Concluding with approximately 10 minutes after treatment discussion.

Subsequent treatment, if necessary, consists of:
Up to 20 minutes consultation to catch up on how you have progressed.
Followed by up to 25 minutes hands-on energy treatment.
Concluding with 10 minutes after treatment discussion.

*If you think you would like or require extra counselling time you can pre-book half hour sessions to be added to your treatment time at time of booking