30 minute Psychic and Spirit Communication Readings


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Readings Cost and Timings Online via Zoom:  If you 

   1) 30 minute for £55  GBP     Spirit Communication or Past Present Future or a Spiritual Development Question

Your single Zoom Link is downloadable at the point of sale.       *** Please Note: If you have already got an appointment date and time with Joanfrances the use Payment Button is to confirm your appointment date and time in the comment box.

By clicking this go to cart button. Be sure to confirm in the comment box your appointment time and date.

If you need to contact Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer on Telephone: +44(0)7832251798 or +44(0)1698331008. or send me a message via my contact page. or by Messenger www.facebook.com/joanfrancesboyle/  joanfrancesboyle or Facebook www.facebook.com/thescottishseer/

If you don’t have an appointment time and date yet. You can pay here and comment in the comment box which type of session you are looking for. Also, please tell me which time zone you are in and the difference of hours to the UK. I can then work out best session timing to suit your needs.

Please Note *** Only use this payment system if you are sure you wish to book an appointment time as if you do not have an appointment time already arranged there may be a refund charge deducted if you change your mind x  Balance to be paid in advance due to the nature of this service.

Amazing how we can achieve the work of the Spirit right form the heart of or home.   Thanks for your interest …… Love Joanfrances

Zoom Conference with Joanfrances from the safety of your own home.
3 Important Notice.
1) You will need a working internet connection and a working device at your own cost, to download the FREE ZOOM APP Use this link https://zoom.us/meetings to download the Zoom app first and set u. It only takes a few mins.
2) Only the person named on the booking will be allowed entry and only the email registered will be allowed to access the ZOOM link.
3) Persons showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol or other substance, will NOT BE ALLOWED TO continue in that particular group session No refund will be offered or given.
This is a Spiritual energetic experience for all. Respect!
One button does all Joanfrances operates a non-refundable deposit of £30 appointment system. This full Payment button is to make life easy for you and confirm your appointment. Readings or Therapies or Consultation. A non-refundable deposit will be deducted from any cancelation x thanks for your interest in consulting with Joanfrances Boyle 
T &C Apply see www.joanfrances.com 
Love and blessings Joanfrances Boyle


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