Lovely evening at the Bramble

Had a lovely evening at Joanfrances’ floorshow at the Bramble Restaurant. Felt a tad embarrassed at being passed the mic not once not twice but three times. Especially as I have never had anyone come through at a floorshow before. I couldn’t believe the things Joanfrances said to me there is absolutely no where online that she could have looked up this information or even guessed it.

I couldn’t take the link to hot air balloons though they have appeared randomly in a program and a film I watched the next day. Perhaps just a coincidence I’m not sure. On thinking about the clown thing now I remember that my youngest kids to this day still think my uncle was a circus clown before he retired.

I have attached picture of the coin mentioned in the second reading. This was found in clothing belonging to my gran when we donated them to a care home. The coin was given back to me. I had no idea this belonged to my great-gran. As I can only upload 1 photo I have chosen the side with the verse on the reverse side is a picture of an angel.

Oh and I finally got word through yesterday that I was unsuccessful at the interview 2 weeks previously as you predicted. Fingers crossed the next few months bring something better on the work front.

Thank you again for the lovely evening I would definitely recommend Joanfrances to anyone looking to connect with a loved one.