There are many healers available

There are many healers available now, But few have the abilities of JoanFrances. And I do know this from personal experience as I have had to work with many healers on my search to cure bipolar.

The way JoanFrances can enter into the complications of the body and its workings is absolutely unique and multi powerful.

She can work with your DNA, the functions of your body, the functions of your mind, seeing in great detail how they work together, and how to untangle them when we must heal.
Is it a prior life, your chakras misaligned? Your nervous system
Frayed by the intensity of this prior life.?
I love reading her findings, feeling the energy of her healings and Being Healed.

She has I believe, 15 certificates in different modalities!

Oh and don’t forget she can travel the interstellar highway.. yes, to Mars!!
It’s on her website!

Lynn Singer, nyc
artist, teacher, sound healer