Joanfrances Boyle is a rare

Joanfrances Boyle is a rare find. I have had multiple very challenging set backs due to past life experiences. I have received two Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Sessions over the past few years. Joanfrances helped me find the root of the problem so I could close the door and move forward with my life.
Recently due to a twin flame connection remaining stagnant I contacted Joanfrances again. First meeting was based on the problems surrounding the twin flame and decided to move forward with Colour Life Palette Healing. Which was amazing. It takes up to 33 days to work through your body letting go of all negativity and opens awareness. I am now on day 13 and already found the problem to the twin flame relationship. Not only did Joanfrances help with my past she also helped me open up to my highest spiritual potential which I will always be so grateful for this.